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Reduce Image size for your website

This post will show you how to reduce your image size before uploading it to the website

As a web designing company, we always try to take off the client from the technical things they have to face when updating the website. Sometimes it might crash the website by doing the wrong thing. So we strongly recommend the clients that send all the updates to us, and we will update the website once a month free of charge.

But some rare occasions, some clients like to update the website by themself, so we have made back end software to update the website by themselves, but still, it needs some technical knowledge to do it in the right way.

The most popular update is for a website to upload new images for the website, so with the back-end software, you can upload images to the website with two or three clicks.

But if you upload large size images to the website, it will make your website load very slow and most of your website visitors will bounce back from your website. That will cost your rankings, and your website will go down in the google search results.

So today, I am going to teach you an easy way to reduce the file size of multiple images at once using photoshop.

To do this, you should have installed the photoshop software on your computer.


  • First, make a folder and copy all the images that you need to resize into that folder.
  • Make a second folder and keep it empty.
Resize Images For Web 2
Resize Images For Web 3Resize Images For Web 4
Resize Images For Web 5
  •  As you can see the size of the original image folder is 98.2MB
  • Now go to Photoshop go to file dropdown menu then go to scripts and go-to Image Processor 
Resize Images For Web 6
  • Now select the folder with the original images
  • Then select the destination folder ( Empty Folder)
  • Click the checkbox save the file size as jpg
  • Make the quality to 6
  • Click the checkbox resize fi to width 800px and height 800px ( maximum height and maximum width is 800px)
  • Click Run
Resize Images For Web 7
  • Now if you check the empty folder, you can see a folder inside it with the name of jpg 
Resize Images For Web 8
Resize Images For Web 9
  • now check the folder size of the jpg image folder
  • as you can see in the image below the size of the folder is 895KB
  • As you can see it is 99% of file size reduction 
Resize Images For Web 10


Using this method you can easily reduce the file size of your images before uploading to the website