WordPress Developer Sri Lanka

WordPress is the most popular web designing platform, globally. WordPress used to develop almost 50% of websites in the world. WordPress is so popular among web developers because it does not need much coding knowledge to design a WordPress website.

Normally a web designer might take one or two days to complete coding a webpage, but with WordPress, a web designer can design a web page within one or two hours.

WordPress is now popular in Sri Lanka also. Now lots of web designers in Sri Lanka use WordPress to develop websites. Although a web designer can design a website quickly with WordPress, it needs a lot of practice, skill, and experience to be a good WordPress developer.

WordPress developer should have a good knowledge of using photoshop; it is an essential tool to optimize images before adding to the website.

Editing a website

It is also easy to edit a WordPress website. The interface and the system are very user-friendly so that the website owner can edit the website by himself.  A good web designing company will their client’s training about how to update their website. As a web designing company in Sri Lanka, we update our client’s website free of charge.

The website owner can get an admin user login account to enter the back end of the website and do all the editing by himself. Still, there is a possibility of deleting the full website with one wrong button click, so I suggest that the website owner take the help of the web designing company to update the website.

Learning WordPress web designing

No one can learn a CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress within one or two months. It might take two or three years to become a good WordPress web designer.

WordPress Developer Jobs

There is good demand for a WordPress web developer in Sri Lanka, Europe, and the united states. Most web designing companies are searching for WordPress developers. WordPress developer can get a salary of Rs 500000.00 in Europe.

Suppose someone is thinking of starting a web designing company or do web designing as a freelancer in Sri Lanka. If he is a good WordPress web designer, he also can earn a good amount of money in Sri Lanka.

Starting a Web designing company is not an easy thing to do. However, one has started a web designing business; then, the challenge is to find the first ten clients. It might take one or two years to find the first ten clients. That is why most web designers close the web designing firm and look for a web designing job.

As a web designing company, we also started our journey like that. If you are thinking of starting a web designing company in Sri Lanka, you should be honest with your clients. If you are trustworthy, your client will get you more clients. That is how we can also get hundreds of clients and lots of positive google reviews with a 5-star rating.