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We are providing website maintaining service for Web Design Sri Lanka Clients. we take care of your website and do all the necessary updates and optimizations to your website.

We have to maintain everything in our life. Otherwise, we cannot expect that thing to work perfectly, and it is also relevant to websites. you have to regularly maintain your website to get the 100% from it.

as you know we are providing a basic website maintaining service for free of charge for every website we design, but that maintenance service is limited to content copy and paste,

We have introduced a premium website maintenance service for all the websites we design from Web Solutions Lanka.

Portfolio website maintenance service 

1. Speed Optimization (SEO)
2. Image optimization (SEO)
3. Website will be Integrating to a CDN ( Content Delivery Network)
4. Products upload
5. Content upload
6. Image upload
7. Keyword analysis (SEO)
8. Competitor analysis (SEO)
9. Fixing Brocken Links (SEO)
10. Redirecting deleted pages and images (SEO)
11. Adding a blog post including videos
12. Plugin and theme update
13. PHP version update( always will be in the latest version)
14. Provide professional ideas to improve the website

eCommerce website maintenance service

All the above-listed features and other eCommerce maintenance features.

  1. Fixing any payment gateway issue
  2. New Product Update
  3. New category or subcategory update
  4. Provide monthly sales reports
  5. Provide monthly Google analytics reports
  6. Product Image update
  7. Promotions and price changes
  8. delivery cost calculation editing
  9. Maintain security patches
  10. Product Image Optimization
  11. Fixing product Titles  (SEO)
  12. Fixing descriptions (SEO)



Website Maintenace service in detail

  • Speed Optimization (SEO)
    Website loading speed is now a ranking factor in Google search. We will do all the needful to make sure that your website loads in less than 4 seconds.
  • Image optimization (SEO)
    Before adding an image to a website, it should be resized and add alter text and do other optimization of that image. As experts, we will do all the image optimization to make your website rank high in Google search results and image search results.
  • Website will be Integrated into a CDN ( Content Delivery Network)
    When your website has connected to a CDN, then your website will load from the nearest hosting network that the user visiting your website (when a visitor comes from the USA, then the website will open from a USA server, if a visitor comes from Sri Lanka, the website will be open from a server that in India. (Your website will be stored in multiple locations, and when a website opens from the nearest location, this will increase your website loading spead.)
  • Products upload
    When you have requirements to upload new products to your website, we will do it for you; we will remove all the old products whenever you request. Remember that keeping your website updated with the latest products will always be good for your business.
  • Content upload
    Fresh content is always a good sign of a healthy website; when you need to update your website with fresh content, we will do it for you. You have to send us new content through email. We will take care of the rest.
  • Image upload
    It is important to update your gallery with new photos, and you can email us all the photos. We will then resize and upload new images to your gallery or any other page.
  • Keyword analysis (SEO)
    We will use Google search console data to do a proper keyword analysis of your website and increase your website traffic by keyword placement.
  • Competitor analysis (SEO)
    We are using premium tools to do competitor analysis. Using these tools, we will get to know the keywords your competitor has used, what are keywords your website is missing, and find all the strategies your competitor has used to generate customers. We will use this data to improve your website and stay ahead of your competitors.
  • Fixing Brocken Links (SEO)
    Broken links are a source of frustration for website visitors. It gives the impression that you don’t do regular website maintenance. Broken links can harm your credibility, and it could affect your website conversion if it’s on a sales page. In addition, it can hurt your SEO and page rankings. We will fix all the broken links and take care of the website broken links and keep your website healthy as a new website.
  • Redirecting deleted pages and images (SEO)
    Having dead links inside your website is a bad signal for Google search algorithms. Google will downgrade your website when they find dead links in your website. When you delete any page, post, or image of a website, But Google will not delete the link associated with that item from search results. Instead, we will redirect all your dead links into live pages or images of your website. We have the expert knowledge to do all the link redirecting process.
  • Adding a blog post every month including videos
    Writing a blog post is a good way to get more visitors to your website. You have to write content that useful for website visitors. If that article is useful to others, then they will share your article on social media. We will give you all the keywords to create content, and we will create a blog post every month for you.
  • Plugin and theme update
    Most of the time, we use themes and plugins when creating websites. Regularly, you have to update those plugins and themes. They will send security updates and functional updates to protect the website from hackers. If we didn’t update our website in time, hackers might hack the website and use it for any other purpose. So if you get our maintenance service, we will do all the theme and plugin updates and keep your website safe.
  • PHP version update( always will be in latest version)
    There are two main benefits to keeping PHP up-to-date: Your website will be faster as the latest version of PHP is more efficient. Updating to the latest supported version (currently 7.4) can deliver a huge performance increase; up to 3 or 4x faster for older versions. Your website will be more secure.
  • Provide professional ideas to improve the website
    We will give you professional advice on how to make your brand popular online

Website Maintenance Charges

Cost for maintaining a portfolio website: Rs.6000.00 per Month

The work that has not been outlined in this web page will be subject to pay an additional fee. We will give a price whenever the client asks for additional work; We will send a separate invoice for additional work.


Cost for maintaining an eCommerce website: Rs.10000.00 per Month

This maintenance plan includes all the updates listed on the portfolio website and other e-commerce updates.

The work that has not been outlined in this web page will be subject to pay an additional fee. We will give a price whenever the client asks for additional work; We will send a separate invoice for additional work.



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