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multilingual 01

10-pages website

2 Languages


Price: 130,000/-

Promotion Price: 120,000/-

multilingual 01

10-pages website

3 Languages


Price: 150,000/-

Promotion Price: 140,000/-

multilingual 01

20-pages website

2 Languages


Price: 175,000/-

Promotion Price: 160,000/-

multilingual 01

20-pages website

3 Languages


Price: 200,000/-

Promotion Price: 180,000/-

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Web Solutions Lanka Holdings (Pvt) Ltd.
NDB Bank – Moratuwa.


Web Solutions Lanka Holdings (Pvt)Ltd.

No 02 Shantha Place, Rahula Road,

Katubedda , Moratuwa. 10400 Sri Lanka

Contact Numbers:

Phone :        +94713 50 25 50

WhatsApp:  +94777 49 79 55