Google my business page creation

By establishing your business in Google my business, you will be able to get good publicity for her business.
By providing all of your business information to us enables you to set up your own Google my business page and it will enable you to display your business in Google maps location. In order to list your business Inside Google maps, you have to have a Google my business page.

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Some of the special benefits that you can get with Google My Business Page


You can provide a detailed description of the services and products you sell. The visitors of Google my business page can get an idea of the service you provide or the product you are selling.

By adding your business inside the Google maps, people can search your business palace easily from Google map,
For example, someone who wants to travel to your Business place through the Uber Taxi, The app will select your place of business from the map, allowing the person to choose and find your place quickly. And the navigation system on our smartphone allows us to find your place easily.
It’s easy to share your location with others when you have listed your place inside Google maps.

You can add your contact details like your phone number, your website on Google my business page. If you have a website, you can link it here, and when someone clicks your mobile number, they can make a direct phone call to you.

What our customers say about us is very important because what they say about us helps other newcomers understand the quality of our business.
Google reviews help us a lot. Google reviews are now one of the most trusted review and rating system in the world.
If you have a Google my business page, you can get reviews from your clients of customers, and also, they can rate your business as well.
So far, Web Solutions Lanka has lots of reviews, and most of them are 5-star ratings.

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As you can see, we have about 40, 5-star ratings ( at the time of writing this post)

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If a new client needs to get our service they can check the reviews and see what others say about our service. So your business also can get reviews like this
Especially if you get our service to set up your Google my business page, we will tell you how to get a lot of reviews and high ratings this way. And I must say that it depends on your service or product quality.


After adding your business page to Google my business, after some time it will start to appear in the Google search results. If all the SEO is done correctly it might be getting into the first three positions of Google search results for some keyword phrases

Google My Business 4

As you can see, our company is the No1 position in Google search results for the keyword phrase “Web Solutions Company,” and it has high rankings for many more keyword phrases.
Your business also can be ranked high like this in Google search results.
Since we are working as a Google local guide, we are experts in creating Google my business pages. Google is very strict with creating Google my business pages. If you give wrong information or make mistakes while creating a business page, then Google, my business page might not approve by Google, and there is a verification process that should be done by the business owner.

You can get a Google my business page for free of charge when designing a website from “Web Solutions Lanka.” visit our web design pricing page to see our web design prices. 
If you need only the Google my business page, it will cost Rs.12500.00

You can book a free consultation section by selecting a date and time from the bellow form. One of our agents will call you at that time. You can ask any questions about Google, my business page, and the strategies to grow your business online.


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