Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the three not-so-frequent words alone make the website owners panic for simple reasons. Most of the time, the subject wasn’t brought to the client’s due attention by the web designers and web developers in the beginning. To hammer the nail on the head, Search Engine Optimization begins with the web designing phase itself. So wen it comes to Web Design Sri Lanka websites we start SEO from the begining of the designing proces.

Every Business Needs a website for business to get to the next level. No business gets an opportunity to survive without a website. Our business is to design, develop, host, maintain your website, and help you with your online business strategy.

But then once a website is designed, developed, and hosted into the World Wide Web, how does the world know of the existence of your website? With the exception of a few who happened to bump into your website and a few of those to whom you intimated your domain URL, the world would go blind of your website, unless your business has already earned a brand name.

Now since your product hasn’t reached a bit of such fame, how would the world discover your website? It is simply not possible to pass your URL to all of your prospective clients since you aren’t aware who and where they are. The answer is Search Engine Optimization.

SEO reveals your website to the world. SEO brings in more inbound traffic to your website which translates into more clients and more business. A website set up with SEO could easily lay the foundation for complete on-line business plan. That is the importance of SEO.



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