Frequently ask questions

Are your website's custom made or Do you use templates

We are not using Premade layouts for designing the websites. mostly we use theme builder to design our themes, so you will get a unique website that created using the latest technology.

what is the cost of designing a website

We have separate packages that you can select according to your need and your budget, Normally our 1-page website cost Rs.14,000.00

I need an e-commerce website can you Design it for me

Yes, we can do it for you, you can get a quotation by sending your details through our chat system or sending us a message from our contact form.

will you provide me hosting facility

Yes, we are providing hosting for websites that we are designing, most of the time the hosting is free for the first year. If you need to buy your hosting. we will help you to buy one and teach you how to use it

Do I have to stick with your hosting forever

No, You don’t have to stick with our hosting forever. we can help you to get hosting for your company

Web Solutions Lanka hosting

will you give us a domain name

Yes, We are giving free domain names for all the website we design, but you have to buy your a domain name for e-commerce websites directory websites

can you design a classified website for me

Yes, We can design a classified website for you. call (+94777497955) us to get a quotation for your project.

How about the SEO of the website? Do you provide SEO service

Yes, SEO service will be free for all the websites that we design.

How can we update our website

We are providing ones a month free update service to our websites.

I need to update my website by my self can you give me back end access

We will provide you back end access to update the website and we will teach you how to update the website,

Will you provide me with a backup of the website

Yes, We will provide you with a backup DVD


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