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We are one of the fastest-growing web design company in Sri Lanka. We have built almost 100 websites within 3 years. We always use the latest technology to create our websites. There are special promotions that we redesign our old websites with the latest technology for free of charge.

Mainly we are designing websites for our clients, and we also develop web-based programs to add more functions to websites.

Ex: Hotel booking Systems, Taxi Booking systems, POS Systems, and any other web baste solutions.

Most of the time, we use the WordPress content management system to design our websites, which is easy for clients to update their website from the back-end systems. We also use languages like HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript for making custom websites and add more functionalities to the websites.

eCommerce websites are trendy now in Sri Lanka. We are one of the web design Sri Lanka companies that charge less than Rs.150,000.00 for designing and develop an eCommerce website.

when we design websites we are adding  special effects like Animations, Hover effects, Parallax effect, video backgrounds, these effects bring a modern look to a website that its separates from an ordinary website you can see  most of the time in the web

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Image and Text Animations

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parallax scrolling

This species effect brings a reach look to your website. the text or image is loos like floating on the background 

Special hover effects

( Place your mouse pointer over the image to see the effect )


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