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apart from Web Design Sri Lanka web solutions lanka is a leading mobile app development company in Sri Lanka. you are in the right place to develop your mobile app with experienced mobile app developers in Sri Lanka.

You might think about how much does it cost to make a mobile app in Sri Lanka.

Developing a mobile app might cost you millions of rupees. We know that there are people that have creative ideas. Still, they might not have enough money to hire a good development company to make their mobile application. As a company that got up from zero, we know how difficult that feeling is for a Startup businessman. Our company is always thinking of helping to start a business and helping people start their journey online. Hence, our prices are low compared with the other mobile app development companies in Sri Lanka. So you can get the best price for your app or web development project from our company.

Why you should choose a mobile application development company rather than freelance app developers in Sri Lanka.

When choosing an app development company or a freelance app developer when creating your mobile app, you should have to be careful.
When you design your app from an app development company, you will receive a warranty for several years. The company will also provide you with after-sales service. However, when you develop a mobile app from a freelance app developer, you do not receive any warranty from him, nor can you expect after-sales service from a freelancer.



why you should choose Web Solutions Lanka to develop your mobile app?
As a leader in app development, we provide a warranty for your app and after-sales service, and our pricing is very reasonable compared to other companies.

Types of Mobile Apps we Develop

location based mobile apps

Location tracking Mobile Apps

Using a location tracking system, We can create a taxi app or a delivery app for you. This type of app development using the google maps API requires a great deal of experience, and our staff of developers can easily develop location-tracking apps

booking system apps

Booking system apps

If your hotel or any service needs a booking system, it is essential to have a mobile app parallel with your website. With integration with a payment gateway, you can manage your bookings very easily. we can develop you any booking as per your requirmet.

classified listing apps

Classified Listing apps

Although there are many classifieds websites in our country, only a limited number of mobile apps are in parallel with most of those websites. But when we design a classified website, we develop android and IOS apps with the website.

grocery app

Grocery apps

Running an online grocery store through a mobile app is a very profitable business these days. If you can promote the mobile app to the people, you can make a good profit as most people these days are used to purchase groceries from an online grocery. Contact us if you want to make an online grocery app at a cheaper price.

educational apps

Educational apps

Students in our country, as well as all over the world, are focused on online education. If you are a tuition class teacher, creating an educational mobile app is a great investment for you and your students. With an educational mobile app, you will be able to conduct online exams, charge online tuition fees, and create barcodes for each student. we can develop the mobile with all the requirement you have

delivery service app

Courier Service apps

Courier service apps often include a location tracking system. If you want to create a complete courier service app that includes all the functions you need, including all the features like parcel tracking, we can do it for a reasonable price. You have a warranty for this app and the ability to get after-sales service from our company.

mobile game apps

Mobile Game apps

If you are thinking of developing a mobile game app, we can help you develop the game app. You can use your game application to promote your products and services with your clients and customers. You can use a game map in various ways to promote your business, with popping up instant messages and push notifications are excellent media to contact your customers, so if you need to develop a game app, we have the professionals who have experience in developing mobile games applications.

travel  apps

Travel apps

If you are an owner of a travel agency, you can develop your travel business very easily with a travel app. you can help your clients in various ways if you have a travel App. If you are a tour guide, you can keep in touch with your clients with a mobile app. You can send them photos of beautiful places in Sri Lanka and your view about those places and send them your knowledge from time to time. The technology lets you use this app in various ways to promote yourself and your company. if you have any idea of making a travel app for your company, we can do it for you for a reasonable price.


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